The Bag. Can’t live without the bag. Lifeline to civilization. Wallet, keys, toothpaste, makeup, eyedrops, tampons, perfume, glasses, tissues, change, tweezers, gum, cute guy from last weekends phone number, address book, advil, pamprin, birth control, sometimes extra panties (only if he’s really hot!), drivers license, credit cards, DSW membership card, earrings you took off while wearing and never took out, matches, lighter, cell phone, cigarettes(ya ya I know), sticker from exes computer, empty tic tac container, hairspray, checkbook, business cards, good luck charm, phone charger, paper clip, ponytail holder, bobbypins, mapquest directions from friend’s house party last August, extra contact lenses, shout wipes… it’s all in the bag! Now, I know the single girl’s bag is a little different than say the mom’s bag. I know I always run to my friends who are good mommies for those little needle and thread kits, they come to me for nail glue. So ladies what’s in your bag?