It’s a balmy 101 degrees here in NYC today. Don’t complain, think of the bright side, heat means plenty of peeps are showing off some beautiful skin. Definitely feeling decidedly frazzled and wilted. But….. I have a tried and true solution for this sad summer state of affairs. Get naked, get in the shower and get your hands on some Bliss Super Minty Soap’ N Scrub. I received a body wash version of this years ago as a gift for Christmas. Not something I was really happy about using in the winter, sort of freaked me out how cold it really felt. Fast forward to summer time… It’s perfect! 100 times better than just popping in the shower. I really feel cooled off, clean, revitalized and ready to go. Sort of like a York peppermint patty for your skin or that feeling you get right after brushing your teeth except it’s your whole body. I was a little surprised that it works so well yet I don’t end up smelling like a candy cane after. Little body lotion of my chosen scent afterward and it’s all good. Back in date night form.

Suggested link to view/purchase: bliss super minty soap’n scrub 8 oz Remember we’ll never suggest products we don’t use ourselves.