For much of my life I can honestly say I have loved my hair. It’s not bragging just luck. It’s always been manageable and pretty much done what I wanted it to do. The past year and a half… I’ve felt like a frizzy giant Q-tip. Misery. After much contemplation and way to many bad hair days I decided to look for a  new stylist. Now you might think it’s a little crazy what a nutjub I am about this but after 20+ years using the same stylist, following him from one salon to another, this was a HUGE decision for me. I have a longer relationship with him than any other male in my life outside of my family! Sad but true 🙂

I spent two weeks researching salons online, asking friends, even some strangers where they went to get their hair done. I ran across an article in the annual “Best of” edition of Westchester Magazine for Numi Hair Salon in Scarsdale, NY. I visited their website and based on what I found there, sort of Nuriel’s mission statement, booked an appointment for the following Sunday. The morning of my appointment arrived and I set off with great anxiety and feeling like I was preparing to cheat on a husband.

I arrived at Numi (although there was no lot, there was plenty of non-metered street parking available). The salon itself is very clean but not overly fancy, very comfortable (+). As soon as I walked in I could tell the staff was very professional and courteous (+) and preceded to spill my coffee all over the floor. After dealing with that drama, I was introduced to Nuriel and seated in his chair. He preceded to ask me some questions about why I was there, what I was looking for, really took the time to listen (+). He examined my current cut and immediately identified and confirmed the problem areas I had been suspecting myself. He introduced me to Yolanda, the colorist. Yolanda suggested doing a deep chocolate brown with highlights and lowlights. I’m not big on browns but she assured me it would be warm and not mousy. Well, I figured regardless of my fear and anxiety, I was there looking for a miracle and decided to trust in the expertise of those I was asking to perform said miracle and agreed to the chocolate brown. Mind you I only booked for a cut and they fit me in for cut a full color and highlights without any issue (+).

I was directed to the washing station, unfortunately do not have the young lady’s name but she was great. Perfect water temperature and wonderful mini scalp massage (+). Nuriel then proceeded to begin the cut and did not remove my length as I requested while explaining the various cuts and shaping he was implementing (+). Yolanda then began the all over color. (BTW… what she had to work with was way over processed, very muddy, from a box RED. If you have ever dyed your hair red you know it is a major challenge to change out.) Was rinsed and massaged again at the washing station, and blown out a little bit for the next step of highlights.  Right about now I am worrying because Yolanda is going to use foils. I HATE foils. Always a bad experience for me in the past, blocky, chunky ughhh! I’ve always preferred the cap. But Yolanda assures me the results will be beautiful, no chunks, no stripes. Okay gonna be brave now. I can’t tell you how many times Yolanda came over and checked my highlights during the process even though she had other clients(+). When needed individual foils were removed, even though others still need more time. Rinse and condition again, back to Nuriel’s chair. Nuriel blew out my hair beautifully and then took the time to add detail (+). Finish……

I can’t say enough how wonderful my first experience at Numi Hair Salon was. I absolutely LOVE my cut and color. Foils? I’ve been converted thanks to Yolanda. (Must also mention she’s a sweetheart on top of being an incredible and skilled colorist.) Mousy? Not a bit. I left the salon feeling bouncy, flippy and shiny…definitely one of the reasons that make it Fun to Be a Girl…lol. It’s been a week now and I am still loving it. I’ve been able to wear my hair straight again without hours of effort, wear it up, down, french twist, you name it! My hair as I know it is back and I am happy.

I also noticed that every customer left the salon smiling. If you are in the area and looking for a new salon definitely give Numi a shot. The staff couldn’t be nicer, their skills are best in class and they 100% deserved being voted Best of.  Here’s the link again