Okay so we all know I have OCD when it comes to the whole skin aging thing. I could probably feed a small country with the amount of money I have spent buying Miracle Goop this and that. I have to tell you though my niece gave me some Bliss Spa stuff for Mother’s Day (I’m her Godmommy) and this just might end my career as a cosmetics shopper. I have been using “The Youth As We Know It” she gave me and it’s the other side of fantastic! Not only are the wrinkles on my forehead and right under my eyes disappearing but even that damn line which has started on my neck. I am going to take a bath in this stuff! I have tried many many things but this stuff is amazing. If you trying all sorts of concoctions, trust me try this. It actually works. I don’t really mind spending money but when I do I want it to work.