I purchased this kit about two months ago and never got around to using it. I LOVE IT!  I can get a gel manicure at home!! No more waiting in the crowded nail salon on the weekends…. bliss. I won’t lie, it took my two attempts to work it out and get it done right but that’s because I have a bad habit of putting my polish on too thick (why I always used to get blanket nails.) but once I got over that it was so easy. I suggest making sure you really take the time to sit down at a table, make sure to swipe the brush on the edge of the bottle so you have the right amount to apply and then it’s all good.

The basic steps are:

  1. Prepare your nails and cuticles
  2. Apply base coat to one hand only
  3. Cure In Gelshine Lamp – instructions say 30 secs but I did 60 secs
  4. Repeat on other hand
  5. Apply color coat, one hand only
  6. Cure in Gelshine Lamp – again 60 secs
  7. Repeat on other hand
  8. Apply second coat of color and cure, again one hand at a time and for 60 secs
  9. Apply top coat and cure, you guessed it one hand at a time for 60 secs
  10. Wipe with finishing spray and cloth

10 minutes done! The kit is currently selling at $150. That put me off a bit at first but I spend about $50 with tip and all every 2 weeks at the nail salon so I figure it pays for itself in a month and half. Add to that the fact that I am about as good as waiting at the salon as a 3 year old and I gave it a shot. Really glad I did.

Suggested link to view/purchase:  SEPHORA by OPI gelshine At-Home Gel Colour System Remember we’ll never suggest products we don’t use ourselves.

SEPHORA by OPI gelshine At-Home Gel Colour System
What it is:A customizable at-home gel manicure kit that offers expert performance and salon technology. Personalize this kit with the gelshineâ„¢ Gel Colour of your choice by bundling it with this set at no additional cost. In just 3 easy steps, you’ll be on your way to customizing your new gelshineâ„¢ At-Home Gel Colour System! STEP 1: Add this kit to your cart.STEP 2: Add the gelshineâ„¢ Gel Colour of your choice to your cart. STEP 3: A $17.50 discount will be applied automatically