The Slim Luxe: Creative Styling Curved Half-Inch Iron – My hair is curly, damaged and color treated. This iron left my hair as sleek, straight and shiny as when I was a kid! From root to ends it looks great, like I’ve never done a bit of damage to it. The iron heated in about ten seconds, slid easily through my hair, mostly only one pass was needed, lightweight, and took about ten minutes from start to finish. BUY IT! It’s definitely pricey but when weighed against how many others I have purchased and tossed in a corner, a cabinet or the garbage it actually ended up being less expensive. It does get very hot so besides being careful not to clip my ears I use it with leave-in conditioner for sure. I purchased mine on It’s truly fantastic. I love, love, love it! May spend the rest of the night running my fingers through my hair and twirling it round my finger!