40 and on a mission to turn back the clock.

So I’ve been using Fusion Beauty’s Lift Fusion for face in combination with Caudalie’s Day Perfecting Moisturizer for quite awhile now and have been quite happy with the results. Right up until that point where I went to place a new order for the Lift Fusion only to find out I can’t get it anywhere and the few places like ebay and Amazon Marketplace vendors that do have it have doubled the price. Grrrrrr. No response from Fusion Beauty to any of my posts or emails so I moved on.

I’ve been using Perricone MD for about a week now and I’m actually glad I’ve been forced to switch. I’m using Perricone MD Firming Facial Toner , Advanced Face Firming Activator, Cold Plasma Face, and Face Finishing Moisturizer. Yep in that order and the Advanced Face Firming Activator only in the mornings. Jury is still out on the anti-aging performance but I can say in one week my pores are significantly smaller and my skin is clearer than it’s been since before I was 20. I don’t have obvious acne but I do have plenty of little bumps under the skin or did. Score! The Cold Plasma smells a bit fishy, no seriously, fishy. Ewww… but I think it’s actually going to work. Not sure if I am imaging the wrinkle improvements or if they are real.  I’ll get back to that in a few weeks with a follow up. I read quite a few reviews about the product and it has more than a few long term users who also hate the smell. I’m taking that to mean it does the job.  I’ve been using the Firming Facial Toner for over a year now and I do like it. I have sensitive skin that can react rather badly to anything to harsh and this does deep clean and get all the makeup left behind by cleanser without any redness or flakiness making me miserable a few hours later. The moisturizer does last through the whole day, my office is dry but the skin is not.

I’m pretty sure you can stop in a Sephora location and get some samples to try first as the whole set up is a bit pricey. Definitely worth trying. I won’t post a link to buy the product until I can say it delivers so check back in a few weeks if you want all the details.

Update 4/2/12 – Promised I would be back to update. I’ve been using the above products for a little over a month and I definitely like the results. The overall clarity and firmness of my skin is great. I’ve mentioned before that although I no longer have the full blown teen acne I still have issues with clogged pores and the occasional break out. Not since using this. I purchased it to replace the anti-aging products I had been using but this is an awesome side benefit! I have clear and noticeable improvements, can’t even find the fine lines I was developing in my mouth and nose area. I’m a smoker so that area is one I worry about often. I’m admittedly not a fan of a four step process every morning but with results like this I’ll make the time. I do need to find something specifically for around the eye area and I’m busy reading reviews myself. I’m sure I will post about what I end up trying.

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Face & Eyes ($245 Value) Cold Plasma Face & Eyes

Perricone MD Prescription for Youthful Skin ($117 Value) Prescription for Youthful Skin