I accepted a long time ago that I was never going to have perfect, beautiful skin. Not everyone does. But I can make sure that my skin is the best it can be. Using every new product that came out, trying this face wash, a different exfoliator, acne medication and some products that were just way to harsh only made it worse. The thing that worked best for me for the longest time was getting back to basics, a washcloth. I’ve graduated from that to the Clarisonic Mia(TM) Skin Cleansing System. There is a noticeable improvement in my skin. It’s clearer, smoother, softer and brighter. No more dry spots and I’ve only had a few blackheads this past year. For a girl prone to clogged pores, facials with extractions are a must but they can get expensive. I can easily go three months, sometimes more between facials now, instead of every month. I also reduced exfoliating to once a week as I didn’t think it was a good idea to use the Clarisonic Mia(TM) Skin Cleansing System daily and exfoliate more than that. Worked out because I don’t seem to need to.

I do take off my makeup with wipes, Ole Henriksen Nurture Me(TM) Cleansing Cloths: Makeup Removing before using the device and if I had a lot of makeup on especially in the eye area I do a quick wash with some cleanser first. If you’re interested I use Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel, gentle enough for my problem prone skin but cleans thoroughly so that I’m not finding dirt on the cotton pad while applying toner.

The device is an investment but one I found to be well worth it in the long run. I have the original which is the least expensive. The Mia2 has two-speeds but I can’t say if it makes that much of a difference as I am very happy with what I have. This is one of my favorite products and I sincerely recommend it if you have problem skin. You will see an improvement if you make it part of your routine.

Suggested link to view/purchase: Clarisonic Mia(TM) Skin Cleansing System, Ole Henriksen Nurture Me(TM) Cleansing Cloths: Makeup Removing , Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel. Remember FunToBeAGirl.com will never suggest products we don’t use ourselves.