We all have days where we need a little extra boost of confidence, if I need a big one I tend to dye my hair. But for a little extra oomph I’ll whip out a red nail polish. This morning was Essie’s Russian RouletteEssie's Russian Roulette. Red with a hint of orange. Sort of like a spicy pepper. Feisty! Nails and toes, ready to go. See what happens when you’re raised on Dr. Suess. I tend to stick with Essie or OPI polishes, doing my nails at home just seems easier when I do. Less mess. My sister could paint her nails on a moving train. Me? Not so much. Toes? Eazy peazy. Fingernails? Get out the Q-tips. I like the brushes in the Essie and OPI polishes and both products tend to go on smoothly and spread well from the center. This helps me do a better job of it because I don’t have to bring the brush that close to the edge of my nail to get complete coverage. Now let’s see what fun (trouble) I can find with my newly feisty self.

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