Years ago I received one of the best pieces of advice I was ever going to receive. I can’t quite remember who it was. I know I was in my late teens, early twenties and that it was passed on to me by a woman about twenty years my senior. This bit of advice has stayed with me and steered me in the best direction more times than I can count. Such a simple thing really and so powerful. Whenever you find yourself trying to make a decision or wondering what you should do, or how you should respond don’t say “Can I accept this? Can I do this?”, ask yourself “Would this be good enough for my daughter? Could she do this?”. Almost mind boggling how different that answer will sometimes be.

Many women, myself included tear ourselves down and wonder if we are good enough, pretty enough, smart enough or strong enough. You are enough, of everything but there is always that self-doubt that lurks in the background that causes us to hesitate even if it’s just for a second. When a younger woman asks you to lend her your ear and provide advice, maybe it’s a daughter, a niece, a friend or a co-worker, the first thing we do is offer our support and build them up. “You’ve got this!”, “I’m here for you”, “You’re beautiful and amazing!”. Does this ring a bell, sound familiar?

Starting today be kind to yourself, honor yourself with the love, esteem and care you show others. You too deserve the best of everything. Whatever the situation or circumstance, if it wouldn’t be good enough for your daughter than it is not good enough for you. Would you do all in your power to help your daughter achieve her dreams and happiness? Would you succeed for her? Then offer that same love and determination to yourself.

So simple. Would it be good enough for my daughter?

You totally got this!