Want smooth, sexy feet? Use an enzyme peel. No really, it works. Easy to do too. I used June Jacobs Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque
which I received in a bag of goodies from Beauty.com.

I have eczema due to an overactive thyroid and the heel of my left foot gets so dry and gross. I can’t stand it. Nothing works to get rid of it in that one spot and this girl loves her shoes so it’s not acceptable. I’m constantly scrounging the internet looking for a solution, even tried the whole Listerine and vinegar soak. Which didn’t work by the way, my feet did feel cool and tingling but that was it. No miracle of dry skin just wiping away.

I ran across a message board where someone suggested using an enzyme peel. I was hesitant to try this as I have to be careful that I don’t irritate the condition and make it worse but remembered that I received this sample made from pumpkin. Not a fan of pumpkin scent anything but figured this was the best bet for being gentle out of the peels on hand so gave it a shot. It worked! So happy, not only does this mean I can wear all my sandals, but I can go back to getting pedicures. Been to embarrassed to go with my scales. Just have to share this.

All I did was soak my feet in hot water, nothing added, for about five minutes. I applied a quarter size amount of June Jacobs Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque
to each foot. It spread very easily and although pumpkin the scent was pleasant. Did feel a slight tingling as is to be expected with an enzyme peel, nothing painful. Left the product on for ten minutes. Removed with just warm water and voila! Dry, cracked heel was history. Smooth, sexy feet. Wish I had known about this sooner, like when I was on vacation hiding my foot in the sand. Following is the product description from Beauty.com. The cost is $78. What?? Yes I think it will last awhile but still. I did find the same product and size on Amazon for $55 so that is the link I am including in this post.

June Jacobs Spa Collection Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque
Paraben and preservative free, this spicy, detoxifying masque contains a powerful pumpkin enzyme to digest dead surface cells, stimulating cellular turnover and improving skin s tone and texture. Pumpkin is naturally rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins A and C, as well as zinc, a mineral that aids in the healing process, which work synergistically to rebuild the elasticity of the skin. Powerful anti-oxidant blend of white, red and green tea extracts combined with goji berry, pomegranate and grape seed extracts help to neutralize free radicals, protect skin from environmental toxins and combat the visible signs of premature aging. Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque

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