Hair colorists and stylists. They can make you feel like a million bucks in a few hours. If you have a great colorist, give yours a shout out here and let them know how much you appreciate what they do. You may help someone in your area find someone fantastic.

Whenever I’m feeling less than stunning and need a confidence boost I change my hair color. Sometimes it’s subtle and sometimes it’s a completely different look. I’m not as brave with my cut. But color, I’m all over that. Blonde, Red, Brunette, colors not found in nature, I’ve had them all. Want something different, easy enough to change it again. If you have a great colorist.

My colorist , Yolanda Recinos is a goddess. Seriously a goddess. Love, love, love what she does for me and my hair. Located in Westchester, NY. There is nothing she can’t do and I get mega compliments all the time. Fortune smiled upon me when we (me and my hair) found Yolanda The very first time she saved me from being orange when I got ahead of myself with a box of dye at home. She suggested a chocolate brown with caramel highlights. Meh? But I wanted to be blonde. She promised I would love it and I went on faith because well, I was orange. Not a good look. Let me tell you, it was amazing, not just brown, but this gorgeous warm, shiny, multi faceted color and this brunette had just as much fun. She worked with the stylist in a way I had never seen so that when all was said and done the highlights fell in the perfect place with my new cut, done after the color. Did you catch that? After the color, perfect placement in a cut she had never seen. That’s talent.

Yolanda-Recinos-_Hair-Colorist-BlondeWe’ve been through a whole spectrum of colors and shades and highlights. Always gorgeous, even the reds. My color lasts, my roots are manageable, and my hair is still in great condition. I have never once in 5 years left not being over the moon happy with my locks. Here’s a pic of my current blonde. I didn’t even say I wanted this or that. It’s become a matter of trust and Yolanda as always made a perfect choice.

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