Does it work? Does it last? Is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel as good as going to the nail salon and getting a gel or Shellac manicure? Here’s what we found.

Yes it works. It’s very easy to apply. I liked the brush and was able to paint my nails neatly. Dries quickly, so don’t wait to go back and do touch-ups. Easy to remove and I did not notice the damage to my nails that seems to come with salon gel manicures.

Two step process (3 really).

Step 1: Start with clean, dry nails. No base coat needed. Apply 2 coats of Miracle Gel™ color.

Step 2: Activate curing with 1 coat of Miracle Gel™ Topcoat. OMGel! Let natural light do the rest.

The first time I used Sally Hansen Miracle Gel I followed the instructions exactly.The polish only lasted about 5 days for me. That being said I am hard on my nails and have been told they are oily. A regular manicure is usually only good for a day, 2 tops. A salon gel manicure lasts 2-3 weeks. My niece used it as well and it lasted 9 days.

The second time I applied Sally Hansen Miracle Gel I added a step. I applied Orly BaseCoat Rubberized Bonder
. Added about 5 minutes to the process but now the manicure lasted 12 days. This worked better for me and now I include the step each time.

There are 47 available shades. Not in love with all of them, some just seem off somehow. I did like Red Eye, Mad Woman, Blacky O, Greyfitti, and Pinky Promise. Each bottle including the Miracle Gel Topcoat is about $10.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Colors

End results is although it is not as good or long lasting as a salon gel manicure it is more affordable and does last longer than regular polish. I do like that I can do it whenever I have the time, that it dries quickly (No blanket nails! Woooo!), and I can remove it easily with regular polish remover.Gets me through the work week.

Suggested link to view/purchase: Sally Hansen Miracle GelOrly BaseCoat Rubberized Bonder. Remember will never suggest products we don’t use ourselves.